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17 September, 2009

The South African Solace or The Nigerian Shame?

This topic is rather controversial and is one that has been raging on and on for a while now.

Why do Nigerian artistes shoot their videos in South Africa and other foreign countries instead of here in Nigeria, where there is land and an abundance of human resources and talent?

What makes up the magnet that keeps drawing our artistes to foreign shores?

It MUST NOT be the hotness of the girls 'cause, I mean, Nigerian girls are ‘beyoooutiful’ enough.

So why have artistes like, Steel (He even has a song called South African Girl,*seethe*), Faze, the entire cast and crew of the Mo’ Hits, Darey, P Square, Banky W, Sasha e.t.c, taken the initiative to travel abroad to have the visual interpretation of their songs made in another man’s land for Nigerian consumption.

The problem often arises that there is a disconnect as the scenario portrayed in the video is not familiar to the consumer. I mean, you want the song and its video to represent your culture and where you come from, so what's the big idea being hypocritical and disloyal to your fatherland? People, ever heard the word PATROITISM? I tell you, it is only a matter of time before these Nigerian videos bear the logo "Proudly South African". Seriously!!!

On the flip side, e-411 has discovered a number of variables that could explain this production shift.

First, the EQUIPMENT: when a video, shot in this country and one shot abroad is watched and compared, the difference is crystal clear. The technology used, such as the Celluloid Camera, are way advanced and it amplifies the quality of the actual video. As most directors will tell you, it is cheaper to fly to these countries and rent the equipment to shoot the videos, than for one director to buy such equipment, because when he begins to charge exorbitant prices, he is tagged ‘greedy’.

It is the shameless Nigerian mentality.

Besides, the equipment may be in Nigeria but not at the budget of your average artiste.

But, do not despair, people!

Thanks to the renowned music video director and veteran DJ, Adetokunbo Odubawo a.k.a ‘DJ Tee’ who has purchased a N3m Aaton Super 16mm Celluloid camera. He believes that this would stop the migration of artistes to Europe and South Africa in the search of top-notch quality music videos.

Will that succeed? For now, we say it has not, but we hope it does sooner than later.

Secondly, should I say our Nigerian girls are "camera-shy" ?

As long a way as we have come in the entertainment industry, it is still pretty clear that the Nigerian crowd is still a bit repressed about certain things and as such are not readily open to some ideas such as almost naked girls doing gymnastics with their body parts! LoL!

It is not the Nigerian thing to do! (they say)

If you approach an average 9ja girl to be in your video, what comes to their mind is panic: "What will people think?", "What if my parents see it?", "What do you take me for? I am not THAT kind of girl!"....and so on.

No one wants to be tagged ‘lewd and loose’.

Perhaps, the swift pace of westernization in South Africa makes it not that much of a big deal to produce music videos with 'willing girls'!

At least, we've got ‘Naeto C’ to thank for trying to break the stereotype when he sang "....e no mean say d girl na asewo"!

Take a cue, girls!

The third issue has to be that of the 'AREA BOYS' menace. A lot of our artistes have complained about how these goons extort money from them whenever they are on the set of their video shoot. Sometimes, these thugs threaten to cart away the director's equipment if their demands are not met (yes, it is that bad).

Fourthly, one can pin this migration on location. No doubt this is one of, if not the most important aspect of the video. This is not to say we do not have great scenery or hotspots for videos...it is just the perfectly understandable love for novelty.

Everyone wants something different and there is this misconception that anything or place beyond the borders of Nigeria is better as long as it can be termed "abroad" or "overseas". Believe it or not, these artistes are indeed this myopic. Working your location is mostly based on your creativity. If your ideas for a video shoot is crappy, pack up your equipment and go to....Alaska, you would still have a crappy video plus a terrible cold! LOL!

There exists the school of thought that believes this rush to South Africa will pose a challenge to Nigerian producers and directors to step up their game. After all, it would be better credibility for our nation to boast of hosting different artistes worldwide due to our expertise in concept, human resources and equipment.

Thus, e-411 appeals to the members and stakeholders in this industry to do us proud so we can brag endlessly about it! LOL!

Oh, well... I gotta go, now. Would not want to miss my flight to Jo'Burg, planning on shooting G.I. Joe 2: The Cobra Attacks! (Kidding.)

Got a ‘singing cousin’ or a ‘rapping niece’? Ever heard them say why they travel all the way for their video shoot?

Feel free to let us know.


Dark-Child n Olanbiwonu


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