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17 September, 2009


One month down the line and we are still here, stronger and more determined..It has not been easy I must say, but God has been very, very faithful.

Nigeria is blessed and even though that sounds like a cliché, it is very true.

We are blessed with both natural and human resources and our creativity has never been in question.

In the midst of all these resources, we still find a lot of our music artistes travel that long distance in the quest for shooting a great video.

DARK-CHILD and OLANBIWONINU take a close look at the factors that drive our entertainers to foreign land. It is one piece you will surely enjoy.

You also get the regular dose of pure and unadulterated music video reviews. (P-square’s danger did not sit too well with our cast of opinionated wordsmiths, so make sure you check it out and let us in on your thoughts.)

Mr. Kanye West was also at it AGAIN!!, ranting like a child who’s lost his candy, except, he was ranting on behalf of a 'child' who was unaware any 'candy' had been lost. Read on and you will know more.

Kel’s released her album last month, and so did DaGrin. Hear what OLANBIWONINU had to say about them in our album review segment.

Also, we give to you the teaser trailer of 'THE TENANT' MOVIE that is about to hit Nigeria.

To round off this edition, we hook you up with a number of events that would come your way in the upcoming weeks. Make sure you get yourself a ticket now as they promise to be mind-blowing events.

I would also like to say congratulations to Mr. Chimuanya Ufodike, the first man to ever answer all 15 questions in the Nigerian version of ‘WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE’. Thumbs up.

Our reality show watch is coming back, bigger and stronger next week, as we will be giving you a weekly update on BIG BROTHER ‘THE REVOLUTION’ and ‘MALTINA DANCE-ALL’ reality shows.

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The South African Solace or The Nigerian Shame?

This topic is rather controversial and is one that has been raging on and on for a while now.

Why do Nigerian artistes shoot their videos in South Africa and other foreign countries instead of here in Nigeria, where there is land and an abundance of human resources and talent?

What makes up the magnet that keeps drawing our artistes to foreign shores?

It MUST NOT be the hotness of the girls 'cause, I mean, Nigerian girls are ‘beyoooutiful’ enough.

So why have artistes like, Steel (He even has a song called South African Girl,*seethe*), Faze, the entire cast and crew of the Mo’ Hits, Darey, P Square, Banky W, Sasha e.t.c, taken the initiative to travel abroad to have the visual interpretation of their songs made in another man’s land for Nigerian consumption.

The problem often arises that there is a disconnect as the scenario portrayed in the video is not familiar to the consumer. I mean, you want the song and its video to represent your culture and where you come from, so what's the big idea being hypocritical and disloyal to your fatherland? People, ever heard the word PATROITISM? I tell you, it is only a matter of time before these Nigerian videos bear the logo "Proudly South African". Seriously!!!

On the flip side, e-411 has discovered a number of variables that could explain this production shift.

First, the EQUIPMENT: when a video, shot in this country and one shot abroad is watched and compared, the difference is crystal clear. The technology used, such as the Celluloid Camera, are way advanced and it amplifies the quality of the actual video. As most directors will tell you, it is cheaper to fly to these countries and rent the equipment to shoot the videos, than for one director to buy such equipment, because when he begins to charge exorbitant prices, he is tagged ‘greedy’.

It is the shameless Nigerian mentality.

Besides, the equipment may be in Nigeria but not at the budget of your average artiste.

But, do not despair, people!

Thanks to the renowned music video director and veteran DJ, Adetokunbo Odubawo a.k.a ‘DJ Tee’ who has purchased a N3m Aaton Super 16mm Celluloid camera. He believes that this would stop the migration of artistes to Europe and South Africa in the search of top-notch quality music videos.

Will that succeed? For now, we say it has not, but we hope it does sooner than later.

Secondly, should I say our Nigerian girls are "camera-shy" ?

As long a way as we have come in the entertainment industry, it is still pretty clear that the Nigerian crowd is still a bit repressed about certain things and as such are not readily open to some ideas such as almost naked girls doing gymnastics with their body parts! LoL!

It is not the Nigerian thing to do! (they say)

If you approach an average 9ja girl to be in your video, what comes to their mind is panic: "What will people think?", "What if my parents see it?", "What do you take me for? I am not THAT kind of girl!"....and so on.

No one wants to be tagged ‘lewd and loose’.

Perhaps, the swift pace of westernization in South Africa makes it not that much of a big deal to produce music videos with 'willing girls'!

At least, we've got ‘Naeto C’ to thank for trying to break the stereotype when he sang "....e no mean say d girl na asewo"!

Take a cue, girls!

The third issue has to be that of the 'AREA BOYS' menace. A lot of our artistes have complained about how these goons extort money from them whenever they are on the set of their video shoot. Sometimes, these thugs threaten to cart away the director's equipment if their demands are not met (yes, it is that bad).

Fourthly, one can pin this migration on location. No doubt this is one of, if not the most important aspect of the video. This is not to say we do not have great scenery or hotspots for videos...it is just the perfectly understandable love for novelty.

Everyone wants something different and there is this misconception that anything or place beyond the borders of Nigeria is better as long as it can be termed "abroad" or "overseas". Believe it or not, these artistes are indeed this myopic. Working your location is mostly based on your creativity. If your ideas for a video shoot is crappy, pack up your equipment and go to....Alaska, you would still have a crappy video plus a terrible cold! LOL!

There exists the school of thought that believes this rush to South Africa will pose a challenge to Nigerian producers and directors to step up their game. After all, it would be better credibility for our nation to boast of hosting different artistes worldwide due to our expertise in concept, human resources and equipment.

Thus, e-411 appeals to the members and stakeholders in this industry to do us proud so we can brag endlessly about it! LOL!

Oh, well... I gotta go, now. Would not want to miss my flight to Jo'Burg, planning on shooting G.I. Joe 2: The Cobra Attacks! (Kidding.)

Got a ‘singing cousin’ or a ‘rapping niece’? Ever heard them say why they travel all the way for their video shoot?

Feel free to let us know.


Dark-Child n Olanbiwonu


When reached and asked to comment on his disgraceful behaviour at the MTV Video Music Awards, he said:” I always act the fool, ain’t nothing new now...I'm crazy, I know what you are thinking.." LOL!

Okay, he made no such comment, those are just a couple of lines from his rap piece in "American Boy" in which he was featured by Estelle. But no doubt, this American boy made a total fool of himself at the awards ceremony when he ruined Taylor Swift's big VMA moment with his antics.

The 19 year-old singer's award as Best Female Video for "You Belong With Me" opened the ceremony and right in the middle of her acceptance speech, Kanye ran up on stage, grabbed the microphone and announced "Taylor, I'm really happy for you. I'll let you finish," he then told a flabbergasted Taylor. "...but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time ... one of the best videos of all time!”

Now, who does a thing like that?! (Kanye...OBVIOUSLY!)

Beyonce Knowles was shown by the camera to be totally taken aback by this verbal defense that Kanye undertook unsolicited on her behalf. No sooner did he interrupt the youngster's moment than the celebrity audience booed him off the stage! (way to go, Kanye you have outdone yourself this time). Not only did you show how unprofessional you are, you also depicted immaturity and gave the whole world another reason to hold on fast to the "unruly black man" stereotype! (Where was security, by the way?)

Swift later revealed that although she had never met Kanye West, she was a fan and refused to confront him as she "didn't want to start anything". The night was however salvaged by Beyonce when she went up to receive her Best Video of The Year award for "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)".

In a very classy gesture, she recalled her first award when she was 17 and called Swift up to have her much deserved moment. A nervous Swift then said, "Can we try this again?" and went on to thank everyone she would have thanked before the rude interruption by West. She was grateful to Beyonce for giving her the stage and said: "I thought that I couldn't love Beyonce more and then tonight happened and it was just wonderful." Atta girl, B!

The magnitude of West's screw-up prompted him to apologize on his blog by stating: "I'M SOOOOO SORRY TO TAYLOR SWIFT AND HER FANS AND HER MOM. I SPOKE TO HER MOTHER RIGHT AFTER AND SHE SAID THE SAME THING MY MOTHER WOULD'VE SAID. SHE IS VERY TALENTED!" Damage has been done, Kanye, a lot of people hate you now! There goes your fan base!

We at E411 are highly disappointed at this outburst. Could it have been a lame-ass publicity stunt or just his warped way of lashing out for his consistent lack of awards?

Whatever that is bugging you Kanye, do us all a favour and sort it out on a shrink's couch!

kanye's losing it right?

A photo album has been created on facebook by a very good friend of mine, he labeled it 'IMMA LET YOU FINISH'. For more on Kanye's 'IMMA LET YOU FINISH' picture series, VISIT:



It is needless to begin this review with an introduction of Naija’s favourite twins, “P-SQUARE”, as we are all aware of their journey that began “last nite” and has plagued us with hits from “Back 2 Back” that we had to call it “Game Over”.

Just when I was beginning to believe that the dynamic duo would never put out a song Nigerians wouldn’t like, they go ahead and prove me wrong with the release of their new single from their forthcoming album, titled ‘danger’ (Ironically the warning signs were there).

The backlash that has trailed the release of this single has been unprecedented and whilst I, initially jumped on the band wagon of the nay-Sayers who concluded that P-square’s star was on the decline, on subsequent listens, I discovered that the song isn’t as bad as first imagined.

The problem with the song stemmed from the fact that P-square are the architects of their own misfortune.

This is a group that has derived fame and fortune from ‘get-up-on-your-feet-and-dance’ club-bangers, melodious songs with an infectious rhythm, songs that when they come on, be it in the club, on the street or in your bath, you can’t help but move.

But this song is such a marked difference from what they have now been associated with that, they might as well have put out a ‘fuji’ track.

People cannot relate with the song and that is the source of the rejection.

The high octane introduction of ‘Do me’ is still fresh in people’s minds (Ten bucks says you still remember where you were when you first heard that song). The follow up singles of ‘No-One’, ‘Ifunaya’ and most especially ‘Roll It’ all had an irresistible pull.

Danger on the other hand has nothing to offer the typical Peter and Paul fan.

It is an original piece of music from them (not to add that the beat has got an 'eminem-ISH' flavour to it), but then again, so were many of the songs on arguably their most successful album ‘Game Over’.

This song (Danger) lacks the pull, melody, charm, rhythm and the danceability of their previous offerings, even Busy-Body with the fact that it was(in their own words) ‘copy-copy’ was still much danceable and relatable to and Nigerians are unfortunately still stuck in their own ways to embrace change as radical as this.

Danger is a decent song, I personally do not like it, but trust me, it’ll find heavy rotation and the song will have its fans. This will probably be a one off as they themselves, being consummate entertainers, know that their success depends on their live acts and this is not a song for a live performance. I’ll be shocked if the rest of the album follows suit.

However, they have no excuse for the video which will only serve to alienate more fans. It’s one thing to protest being called unoriginal vehemently and then go ahead to put out a very unoriginal video.

Now a lot of people would question my school of thought but, the background, the fish-eye camera view, the teeth baring across the screen and general clowning around, all just scream Busta Rhyme’s – Hustler’s Ambition. This doesn’t help their cause if they want to break away from that unoriginal tag.

In our honest opinion, the video was a very lazy attempt and this from the same team who gave us those wonderful videos. Sure the video looks good, well shot and different from the typical Naija Video. Infact, it might even be the video to beat in 2009, but that will not always be enough. Originality remains the key.

I don’t get the 'message' they were trying to pass across with the clowns (...comic relief perhaps?) and I’m still trying to figure out the lyrics (seems they were bragging about the demanding nature of their 'celeb' lifestyles).

Maybe it’s the clowns that personally terrify me or it’s just the fact that they didn’t change the background.

Whatever it is, I sincerely hope this is a one off.

we grace the effort with a 7...

(Keep up the great work we know you guys for, and if you don’t, we will be here to remind you of the good old days which “GOD definitely forbids”...lol)

Now have your say people.


I am tempted to believe that 3 is the lucky number for this dude under the ‘YES’ records umbrella.

After the successful failures of his first two singles (which only managed to inform us that the ‘YES’ land is green), sexy Steel of the ‘needles & stitches’ fame has somewhat redeemed what seems left of his musical image with the release of his third single ‘TAKA-SUFE’.

‘TAKA-SUFE’, which literally means ‘snap your finger and whistle’ is said to be the ‘Naija’ version of Crunk, but a “NAIJA HIT’ is what I call it (a feat he was unable to achieve with his first two singles).

A “NAIJA HIT” is a song that by every standard contains 72% gibberish, 28% real words (understandable or not) and has a high tendency to be loved by majority of Nigerians (so don’t you agree?).

Though the inclusion of cheerleaders in the video did nothing to interpret the song and was just his way of saying... “Hey!! I can afford it” (which is clearly the new trend), the video was indeed international....and I hope that 'gold-sequined number'' he had on in the video was a wardrobe malfunction...what was he finkin??...no one in their right mind should ever use that kind of material to sew an ‘Agbada’ ensemble...EVA!!!!

That is our honest opinion.

For the video, 7.66 would do. Watch it and tell us what you think.



The ‘ABAGA’ name happens to be the fastest growing household name at the moment. First, it was Mister Incredible, Jude Abaga (and he’s not done yet). Now, it’s the prolific producer/rapper Jesse Jagz Abaga.

Recently, Jesse has featured on and released tracks that have been tearing up the airwaves in Nigeria, displaying lyrical strength and depth. So it was no surprise that a video was very well anticipated by the millions of Nigerians who could not tag the name ‘Jesse Jagz’ to a face. Just like it is becoming a cliché with the ‘ABAGA’ name, Jesse did not disappoint as he released the video to his single ‘PUMP IT UP’.

The song is classy, catchy and melodious, but we are of the opinion that Jesse Jagz ‘T-PAINED’ too much. The video was directed by Afam ‘D’ man and was shot at the famous Posh Café in Victoria Island, Lagos.

In our honest opinion, the video was not so big on concept, but in all, it was good to watch. There is not much to be said about it as the only highlight was his ‘woman takeover’ stunt.

Considering this is his first video, we refuse to tear him apart.

We grace the effort with a 6.48, hoping this will ginger him to level up his next set of videos with the hype he always gets.

But everyone is a critic, so let’s hear what you have to say……



Hear her on radio and you will instantly be reminded of sexy ‘PATRA’ (remember, 'back to life'?). She has blazed tracks like, Knighthouses’ ‘PURPLE’, C’mion’s ‘SHE’S HOT’ and a few others.
Truth be told, this babe’s ‘ragga’ is top notch.Her name is NYORE and she hails from the ‘heartbeat of the nation’, Edo state.Nyore recently dropped the video to her single, ‘RODEO’ which features Joanna of the ‘OKO WON LODE' fame. Honestly, the song was just another song.It is Dancehall, yes, but asides that...well.....it was not spectacular in any way.Don’t get me wrong, it was an okay video but nothing jaw-dropping. The struggling attempt at sexiness by Nyore, Joanna and the dancers made the video quite atrocious.
We hail the effort though and Believe greater things will come from her in the future.
Nyore, here is a 5.75 for the attempt.

Tear it up people.......


Without mincing words, Kel is really carving out a niche for herself as she comes out with another chart buster, TOO FINE.

It is no secret that after listening to and seeing the video of this song, “waa wa alright”. Featuring the Bling master, ALAYE and MAY’D. Capital hills dealt reasonably with the transcription and connection of the words to the video as you may have noticed.

Kel starts off with a scintillating beat reminiscent of the days of Kool and the Gang. She describes her own thing by giving kudos to the “robot dance”; a skill dancing with the stars would have paid millions of $$$$$$ for...

True, she’s fresh, she’s clean but giving me wet dreams? That’s as good as it gets man.

With her mouth-watering savoury figure, that she doesn’t refuse to show off at the slightest chance, one would prefer to sit all day rewinding, pausing, playing, stopping and even sleeping off to wake up at it again.

ALAYE came through and represented the STORM quite well. I personally think his upcoming album will be fun to appraise.

Oh my, did MAY’D do justice to the song or what? He definitely did, bringing delightful taste through his inspirational voice.

Need we say more?

The video is colourful and features the likes of Ill Bliss, Nomoreloss, MP, Koffi, , Banky W, Teeto, Gino, Tee-A, Kunle (Roof Top MC’s), Tosyn Bucknor, Suspect, M.E.T.A.L, Jesse Jagz, Owen G, the (naked) twins- P-square , 2shott, Nigezie’s boss, Kwame and a few others. Props also go to TY MIX who informed us of the richness of his beats.

In our honest opinion, her storyline did not defy the logistics in the video hence making it rationally sound, the concept was truly refreshing with “established” magazines hosting her on their front covers and the editing was creative enough.

Big ups Mr Clarence but your concepts are becoming mundane.

One more thing, Capital Hills is now the image builder for an X-MEN character- CYCLOPS. So they are open to new suggestions to pimp it up from you….lol…

E411 levels with 7.8…..Now do your worst to it...


Wande Coal’s album dropped 'MUSHIN TO MO HITS' and it tingled our inner sensation. While he had us yelling Wande “You Bad”, some were saying Wande “So pe ti e”, others???.... well, others were following him “Bumper to Bumper” and it was during this unfortunate ride that the accident occurred.

The song thrilled us…..but the Video?...HELL NO!!!

The funny thing is there are two videos for the song and none of them is explosive which brings me to the question, “who is SESAN?”

E411believes that he is a family member/friend to someone at the top of the MO-HIT food chain who charges them a 50% discount rate per video and offers them a “shoot-two-get-one-free” package...I mean he shot “MO GBONO FELI FELI” and we all know how THAT went. Now look at what he has done with “BUMPER TO BUMPER”.

I refuse to go into the details of the “million and one” things that went wrong with the videos as I might need two blog pages! Truth be told, it was a train wreck.


In our honest opinion, it is a ‘TABOO’ to lace such a great song with a video of that nature.

Our verdict is a 5.

Wande, hope say no be like this e go dey dey?.......lol

Here’s the video, take a look and let me know if I exaggerated this…..


‘Life in the Zanga’, the latest video from the self acclaimed King of the Zanga, Durella, was shot in South Africa. The video came along with the other goodies he won for being Nigeria’s most promising newcomer (after 2yrs that is) in the 2008/2009 MTV & Zain’s Advance Warning contest.

....in our honest opinion, the video is fairly up to scratch, had the same ol’concept (flashy cars and girls).....nothing extraordinary…..n did you have to stand on a ‘ZAIN’ box…..puhllleeeeeeeeezzzeee!!!

The only thing Durella, real name Oluwadamilare Okulaja, succeeded in doing is “jazz” his way into the hearts of Nigerians with another of his many sing-along lines (or wasn’t that what ‘durella wat it do wit the diggy-do...’ was meant to do?)..

On a scale of 10, we generously give him a 6....

But that’s just us.....whatz your take?

And check out our poll for the day..............HOLA!!!!!



He has steadily been building buzz on a number of tracks with his unique blend of ... ermmm … shall we say Afro Hip-Hop? Suffice to say, he’ll never win a spoken English competition or even woo you with his oral English prowess.His name is DAGRIN.

With all due respect and with no intention to deride this extra-ordinarily talented artiste, his attempts at spoken English can be laughable at times and cause you to wince. He is aware people call him bush, a fact he alludes to on this album, aptly named ‘CHIEF EXECUTIVE OMOITA’.

Sincerely, this is the best album I have heard in a while in the industry and I say this because from all indications.

Da-Grin is your ordinary, run of the mill, hood boy who turned to music to escape a life of crime (another fact he alludes to in the song ‘Thank God ’)and who against seemingly insurmountable odds made it to the very top, through sheer hard work and fortitude.


Ghetto dream (ft. Sossick) – A Stand out track. Sossick lays his heart on this self-produced track with a heart-rending hook that informs of memories of consistent suffering, an aspiration of greatness and a fondness of the hood. Da’grin on the other hand, takes you on a journey of his past, his present and his future in his usual blend of Yoruba puns, punch lines and all round ‘hoodness’

Everyday (Another Sossick produced joint) – On this track, Da-Grin speaks of his daily grind, giving us an insight to the reasons for his hustle and his drive to succeed.

Pon Pon Pon (Another Sossick produced joint) – A club banger with a twist, Da’grin laces this hard hitting track with humour “omo naija mo leyin fi shi Pepsi” (Nigerian kid I use my teeth in opening a bottle of Pepsi), puns and just a very fun, happy go lucky style that just moves you. Very basic beat but it works. Local kids will love it.

Kondo (Magic Stick) – No prizes for guessing what this track is all about. A raunchy but unbelievably groovy song, this is another club banger for the ladies to get wild to. Though he is simply soliciting for sex, look behind the lyrics and you have a generic song to dance and for kids to sing to (look behind the lyrics..). All in typical Da’grin fashion.

File (ft. Cartier) – A SWAG song, Da‘grin shows off an attitude that is unique as well as admirable. The puns are there as well as the unique Yoruba metaphors. He is aided by an ill verse from Cartier (This dude sounds like one to watch for). Production is a bit iffy though.

Make doe (ft. Sossick and Dark Poet) – Sossick produced and did the hook on this song that speaks about making money and reaping the benefits of wealth. Dark Poet put in a solid but unspectacular showing.

Gboro (ft. Isolate) – This track would have been bland you know? An album filler would have been the perfect description, save the presence of featured artiste, ‘Isolate’, who takes Hero worship or style-biting to a new height. I had to keep checking the CD sleeve because this dude can easily pass for 9ice; same style, some voice, same content, same attitude. In all, it’s a good song.

What They Want – Another raunchy song for the ladies in the ‘ouse,(his words not mine). Da-Grin informs the ladies that he is the new Sir Mix-A-Lot as he speaks extensively on his penchant and preference for women and their backsides (most especially the very large ones). It occasionally gets a bit over the top with the overtly suggestive lyrics as he leaves nothing to the imagination. He has what they want and he’ll give it to them. Not for sensitive ears.

Hola (ft. T-frizzle) – Tinged with a Middle Eastern flavour, this song is enjoyable but unspectacular. It speaks of drawing attention in whatever form. A decent song, delivered in that happy go lucky style of his. This kid just manages to have fun on almost every song. It features a cameo by T-Frizzle.

Thank God (ft. Omawunmi) - Da’grin puts a twist on the compulsory ’ Thank you God’ song, by offering supplications to The Most High God. In this Dr. Frabz produced hit, Omawunmi delivers a star cameo as she delivers on the chorus. It is arguably the best song on the album.

+ Two bonus tracks

One from back in the day (also talking about ladies and their backsides) and a song Bigiano featured him on.


I must say that there are moments when the album sounds like a demo, where the grit and rawness I absolutely love about it almost turns tacky. As with an album produced majorly by one producer, it can get old very quickly.

All in all, he sounds like he is having fun (which you do not hear a lot of nowadays as artistes have made it a do or die affair). He may come hard but he sounds so relaxed.

There are the usual allusions to liquor, sex and a list of other vices but this album gives us an insight into the life this young man has lived and left behind; the life that made him.

He pulls no punches, but the album is still as gritty and raw as it can be and that is what endears this writer to the album.

If you are looking for a smooth talking rapper then this is not the album for you.

Though there are times that the hooks or beats sound basic and childish, it can be likened to that incongruous beauty, whose individual parts do not look appealing but on coming together, is a sure delight.

While his producer, Sossick may not be your best producer at the moment, the chemistry between both Grin and Sossick is apparent for all to see and it sure works for them.

If you are not Yoruba language inclined, the album may alienate you. But if you like 9ice, then you can like this album; while 9ices’ album was a refined, grown-up attempt, this is much rawer offering and I for one appreciate it.

I give him a 7.87……

That’s all folks…(well for now anyways)



The first ever album offering from the self styled ‘Poster Child of Rap Music’ titled ‘The Investment’ has dropped with all the noise, bells and whistles after what was a summer of ‘will She, won’t she?’. I’ve read blogs, reviews and comments that have been quick to label this effort as the best thing since the iPod. I, on the other hand, finished listening to the album feeling a little under-whelmed. This is the strangest review I may ever write as I can’t make up my mind about the album. The album itself oscillates from moments of female braggadocio to almost tender moments. If this album is any indication of Kel’s persona (as she has been known to polarize opinions), it is evident that beneath all that attitude lies a very sensitive young lady.

I give her props for putting out a very solid, decent album for one so young. Also, she more than holds her own lyrically on the album. Suspect puts in a very commendable shift, producing most of the album, 'Love' featuring MI & OC stands out prominently, although I enjoyed the two songs produced by Jesse Jagz. All the people featured on the album came 'correct' and that leads me to the underwhelming aspect of the album.

For a debut album, there are way too many featured artistes, I know a lot of people have commented on this, but that is the truth and because of the quality of the work the featured artistes put in, you start to notice it at the expense of Kel, herself. Too little of Kel shines through in this album, I wouldn’t go as far as to say that she needed all the help on the album to make it work, but putting that many people on the album kinda gives that impression. Also, I get the feeling she barely exerts herself, like she is cruising through the album. I think she has so much more to offer and if she does, with a little more effort and graft, she will become one of the foremost Nigerian MCs and not just a 'Femcee'. The album is not a mind blowing piece of artistry, but a very noble effort from the ‘poster child of rap’.


We are reminded as she starts off repeating her verse from Ill Bliss’ U Go Wound O


The popular, well known single; Good beat, strong delivery, good rhymes, catchy hook. One of those braggadocio songs. Not much to be said about this song as all has actually been said.


An aggressive love song, typifying not a typical lovey-dovey relationship but one based on want. It features a splendid interplay of banter between Shank and Kel. Lyrics are solid. Shank plays the part of the amorous bloke to the hilt. The most surprising thing about this song however, is the hook; A lovely melody, which is superbly and effortlessly delivered by Suspect, who also produced the track.


Tough talking song, it depicts Kel’s struggle from obscurity to the forefront of the Industry. It also shows that she has no intentions to let go of that top spot she now apparently holds. Very catchy hook, YQ delivers two superb verses in his usual quirky manner of delivery, cementing his status as one of the industry’s premier crooners.


Decent song! Aique has a good voice which goes along with this breezy, laid back, soulful song that teaches us to appreciate life, cherish memories and live life to the fullest, despite whatever problems you may face.


Produced by Jesse Jagz, an all attitude, swagger filled song but subtly delivered by Kel,. The chemistry between Kel and Jagz is wonderful to listen to and this is evident in the other song he produced on the album. Fun song, it is something to bump to in your car and the only song on the album not to feature a guest artiste.


Another boy/girl interaction song. Not a big fan of the song though there is nothing wrong with it. MayD does a splendid job on the hook (THIS i love though). As for Alaye, well let’s just say I’m not a fan.


Whatever yapayaski means, it must be something good as both of them are proud to call themselves yapayaski. Both Kel and Durella interchange effortlessly on this high energy song. It is just a feel good song and Durella delivers as usual.


Skit with Rhythm 93.7’s Sola Thompson talking about relationships.


Darey’s performance on this easy going boy/girl song stands out. Although Six delivers as well, Darey provides an affecting hook that relates how much 'boy needs girl' or 'girl needs boy'. The song talks about a girl playing hard to get which costs her a guy of her dreams. It tells a good story.


The name says it all. It is an intimate rap song about the ups and downs in relationships in a story-like fashion. Starts with the good and then moves on to the bad in relationships. SLK’s voice is great.


This is an awesome song that features two great talents. MI dominates this song (unfortunately for Kel but fortunately for us). OC croons the hell out of the song as he pours his heart into the hook. The song talks about a Boy and Girl, reluctant to fall in love after bad experiences but feel a pull towards one another. Somehow, love ensues and they work through the issues when they arise. It happens to be my stand out song on the album.


Skit feat Tosyn Bucknor in her Area Mama persona


First heard this song on the radio and had no idea it was a Kel track, I actually thought she was just featuring. Great beat from suspect and the hook is more than catchy on this solid track. Uchie delivers. Ill Bliss comes through like a monster and Kel, well……………


Braggadocio on steroids is the best way to describe this song. Ill Bliss tells alaba to go to hell (Brave!!!), hard core track. She more than holds her own. Song talks about the spirit of hustling even when rich.


Not for young ears, definitely a grown up song. A very sexually aware song featuring upcoming reggae star Nyore. Lyrics like ‘Put your fortune in my cookie’ shows she is not above titillating listeners. Funnily enough, I enjoyed the song.


Remix to the already popular single. To put this song in one word: ICEPRINCE!!! He was a monster on this song. He completely owned the song. Good remix!


Auto-tuned song. Good offering from that man, Jesse Jagz. Waje showcases her fabulous voice and range. Jesse delivers a monstrous verse and at the risk of being owned on another of her own tracks, Kel comes through with a good verse as well.


‘Thank Yous and the like’ and that is it.

Grab your copy and let us know what you think.



In our last edition, we talked about one of the most anticipated movies about to hit Nigeria (and i'm not talking about 'THE FIGURINE'). I am talking about 'THE TENANT' movie.
It is a story of a Nigerian emigrant about to be deported. He gets the most unlikely lifelines from his Lanlord who makes a deal with him that if he can help find his estranged daughter, he will turn around his deportation process.
Today, we bring you the teaser trailer, so you know what to expect.....


As usual, we update you on events coming your way in the upcoming weeks. Here they are:



Henessy artistry is an innovation of Henessy worldwide. It is a celebration of art and talent.

In Nigeria, Henessy artistry debuted in 2007 with a cocktail mixing competition between renowned bartenders. The concept was different in 2008 as it was a competition between the best DJ’s in the land.

2009 is here and this time around; the contest is between five, fast rising musical acts in the country.

The acts chosen to compete this year are MO’CHEDDAH, ICE-PRINCE, BLAISE, BEZ and JIMMY FLAMES. These five acts will be attached to five music producers, whom they will be working with over the duration of the show. The producers are KNIGHTHOUSE, JESSE JAGZ, MR DAZ, COBHAMS and DR FRABZ respectively.

The competition has kicked off with two of the preliminary shows already held.

For a comprehensive list of the venues for each round of the competition, visit:


September 24 will mark 250 years since the inception of the Guiness extra stout lager beer discovered by Arthur Guiness in 1759 and the Guiness brand will celebrate the day that has been tagged ‘ARTHUR GUINESS DAY’ with worldwide celebrations.

Nigeria would not be left out as entertainment lovers will be held to a star studded concert, as acts like M.I, D’BANJ, P-SQUARE, 2FACE IDIBIA, WANDE COAL and DJ JIMMY JATT will take centre stage and thrill the audience to a swell night at the .

The icing on the cake will be the inclusion of Jamaican born reggae star ‘SEAN PAUL’, who is also expected to wow the audience.

Tickets to the event cost a token of N2,500 and can be bought at the Silverbird Galleria, Victoria Island, Lagos and any branch of Zenith Bank.

Make it a date….

Other acts to wow you


Obiwon Obiora, popularly known as Obiwon is set to release his latest album titled ‘THE REBIRTH’. The album launch will take place at GENESIS CINEMAS AT THE PALMS, LEKKI, NIGERIA on Saturday, 26th September, 2009.

The album launch will come in form of a two part live concert:

1st Show – VIP Concert

Tickets – N7,000 (Single), N10,000 (Couple)

Time – 3pm – Red carpet/ Cocktail

4pm – Showtime

2nd Concert – Regular Concert

Tickets – N2,000

Time – 6pm – Red Carpet

7pm – Showtime.

Also billed to perform during this concert are Bracket, Rooftop MC’s, IllBliss, Ali Baba, Segun Obe, Niyola and Yaw of wazobia FM.

Be there!!!!!!

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