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17 September, 2009


It is needless to begin this review with an introduction of Naija’s favourite twins, “P-SQUARE”, as we are all aware of their journey that began “last nite” and has plagued us with hits from “Back 2 Back” that we had to call it “Game Over”.

Just when I was beginning to believe that the dynamic duo would never put out a song Nigerians wouldn’t like, they go ahead and prove me wrong with the release of their new single from their forthcoming album, titled ‘danger’ (Ironically the warning signs were there).

The backlash that has trailed the release of this single has been unprecedented and whilst I, initially jumped on the band wagon of the nay-Sayers who concluded that P-square’s star was on the decline, on subsequent listens, I discovered that the song isn’t as bad as first imagined.

The problem with the song stemmed from the fact that P-square are the architects of their own misfortune.

This is a group that has derived fame and fortune from ‘get-up-on-your-feet-and-dance’ club-bangers, melodious songs with an infectious rhythm, songs that when they come on, be it in the club, on the street or in your bath, you can’t help but move.

But this song is such a marked difference from what they have now been associated with that, they might as well have put out a ‘fuji’ track.

People cannot relate with the song and that is the source of the rejection.

The high octane introduction of ‘Do me’ is still fresh in people’s minds (Ten bucks says you still remember where you were when you first heard that song). The follow up singles of ‘No-One’, ‘Ifunaya’ and most especially ‘Roll It’ all had an irresistible pull.

Danger on the other hand has nothing to offer the typical Peter and Paul fan.

It is an original piece of music from them (not to add that the beat has got an 'eminem-ISH' flavour to it), but then again, so were many of the songs on arguably their most successful album ‘Game Over’.

This song (Danger) lacks the pull, melody, charm, rhythm and the danceability of their previous offerings, even Busy-Body with the fact that it was(in their own words) ‘copy-copy’ was still much danceable and relatable to and Nigerians are unfortunately still stuck in their own ways to embrace change as radical as this.

Danger is a decent song, I personally do not like it, but trust me, it’ll find heavy rotation and the song will have its fans. This will probably be a one off as they themselves, being consummate entertainers, know that their success depends on their live acts and this is not a song for a live performance. I’ll be shocked if the rest of the album follows suit.

However, they have no excuse for the video which will only serve to alienate more fans. It’s one thing to protest being called unoriginal vehemently and then go ahead to put out a very unoriginal video.

Now a lot of people would question my school of thought but, the background, the fish-eye camera view, the teeth baring across the screen and general clowning around, all just scream Busta Rhyme’s – Hustler’s Ambition. This doesn’t help their cause if they want to break away from that unoriginal tag.

In our honest opinion, the video was a very lazy attempt and this from the same team who gave us those wonderful videos. Sure the video looks good, well shot and different from the typical Naija Video. Infact, it might even be the video to beat in 2009, but that will not always be enough. Originality remains the key.

I don’t get the 'message' they were trying to pass across with the clowns (...comic relief perhaps?) and I’m still trying to figure out the lyrics (seems they were bragging about the demanding nature of their 'celeb' lifestyles).

Maybe it’s the clowns that personally terrify me or it’s just the fact that they didn’t change the background.

Whatever it is, I sincerely hope this is a one off.

we grace the effort with a 7...

(Keep up the great work we know you guys for, and if you don’t, we will be here to remind you of the good old days which “GOD definitely forbids”...lol)

Now have your say people.


Femi Makinwa said...

i concur.....so much for we don't copy...these guys really have to find themselves

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