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01 October, 2009


For years, these have been worn by person’s inhabiting the cold regions of the world, therefore I was quite shocked when I discovered mufflers becoming commonplace as a fashion accessory in Nigeria. I mean we are the same group of people known for wearing cardigans and ski vests in JUNE!!! I even saw a guy in a wool turtle neck (true story), all in the name of fashion. But even this was taking a good joke too far

The first time I saw a fellow Nigerian adorning a muffler in the sweltering sun, I figured he was a beer can short of a six-pack but I soon realized it was the latest fashion trend, just like the distasteful act of turning the rosary into a fashion accessory. A sad indicator that most Nigerians have no individual sense of fashion and continue to play the game of ‘monkee-see-monkee-do’ (everyone’s wearing a muffler, well then call me Mr. Me-Too).

This made me cringe and pray silently everyday for the ‘muffler craze’ to pass. Meanwhile, during this phase, I bet there was an increase in cases of heat rash round the neck area. Additionally, it may have even constituted a choking hazard, especially for ‘okada’ riders with their mufflers flying in the wind and susceptible to being caught in the wheels of the bike… (maybe I exaggerate but…HEY!! It COULD happen).

Once it rained or was raining or even slightly drizzling, anyone who possessed a muffler would have it on. Some would not even wait for the raindrops to fall…so long as the sky was cloudy…it was ‘muffler weather’. I could almost imagine people sitting at home, channel surfing in search of the weather forecast to know when next it will rain so they can break out their mufflers in a bid to look hip.

The ‘muffler turban’, probably created by people who took into consideration the temperate region we live in and thought it unwise to wear a muffler round their necks, also caught on soon enough.

Mufflers were worn by both males and females and combined with tees, sometimes blazers…by daring folk (mostly people who drive ‘oye-tight’ rides and work in muffler conducive offices).

Truth be told, I always admired the ‘determination’ of the ‘muffler people’ (as I fondly refer to them) because even when the sun would have come out in its blazing glory, they refused to take the muffler off, instead they perfected the ‘art’ of draping it round their necks so that there was minimal, to no skin contact (a comical sight to behold).

Thankfully, it seems my prayers have been answered as the muffler trend appears to have dwindled. This may be linked to the ASUU strike which has robbed the youths (the majority of the population of the ‘muffler people’) of an avenue to make statements with their mufflers.

Whatever the reason may be, am just glad I can walk down the road without being assaulted, every 5 minutes, by the sight of a person trying to pull-off the muffler look under our good ol’ Naija sun…*sigh*



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