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18 October, 2009


Just when i was about to lump Mo Hits in the Styl=plus category, you know, wonderful songs and kak videos, the widely panned (well most people I've met panned his initial offerings) Sesan (with no last name) comes up with half a decent video for the up tempo D'banj song - Kimon.

The video is no stretch of the imagination- D'banj, mic, speakers, fine, fair girl molesting D'banj in the way every man should be molested (hehehe!). Costumes are great, video is in high quality, shot well, well lit and that's about it. The video is basic enough that he couldn't possibly screw it up like his previous offereings. As i know from firsthand knowledge that directing a video isn't like peeing (show up, aim and shoot), therefore simple or not, he makes sure the video is seamless albeit rudimentary at best (Sesan would argue otherwise).

The video is simple enough and Sesan gets plenty of help from the stunning Bianca Simmone, a Jamaica born, US international model and creative artist (She is the babe in Jay Sean's 'down' and Birdman n Lil Wayne's 'always strapped') who has an interesting chemistry with D'banj. It was nice trying to see her say the 'Wa Gba' and i must add that they looked comfortable with one another therefore, we couldn't really see Sesan's imprint.

I like most warm blooded Nigerian males was too transfixed on Miss Bianca, even to the detriment of the Kokomaster (as there were time i forgot he was in the video)

All in all, a very good video, but whilst i did a jig and screamed 'YAY!', cause Sesan finally came through, turns out it was just a one off. He then directed Wande Coal's 'U Bad'....and the story continues.

We reward the effort with a 6.57....

Agree with us?



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