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01 October, 2009


J MARTINS - OYOYO from Entertainment411 on Vimeo.

Oyoyo, a slang or accompaniment children sing to welcome someone back after a long hiatus. This is the title of J Martins’ new single, Oyoyo, or should I say true story part 2. The beat sounds the same from that hit song featuring P-Square and Timaya, like a rehash of the same song. Either he got too lazy to creatively task himself to make an original single or he just was scared to break the formula that made him a household name. Hence giving birth to this very lazy and formulaic and ultimately lukewarm song. Which is more or less the same song as ‘Good or Bad’ just at a slightly slower tempo, with a few tone changes and without the superstar accompaniment of P-Square or Timaya.

Aimed at that section of the Nigerian market that is unconcerned with quality music but just need a few minutes of escapism to dance and forget whatever problems they have, it is sure to go down well with kids by virtue of the simple and memorable hook and the laid back instrumental but I doubt the staying power of this song in the general consciousness of people.

The video which features cameos from celebrities like Ill Bliss, RITA from Koko Mansion(lwkmd), KC Presh, Steel, Bracket, Suspect, Obi-Won etc. The video bears a striking resemblance to “good or bad’. Same crop of celebrities clowning around in an apparent homage to the feel good nature of the song as was in the case with ‘good or bad’. same camera angle etc. but all in all a simple yet effective video.

This is our honest opinion. We rate the effort with a 5.5.

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