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25 August, 2009


They might not immediately strike you as Gospel musicians, but the duo of Adekunle Adeyoola (Soul Snatcher) and Olaitan Hughes (Sokleva) have managed to remain unsoiled in an industry known too well for its profanity.
Despite churning out street banging hits, the ROOFTOP MCs have stuck to the niche of creating clean music for Christ and so they have done again.
Off the forthcoming “Drunken Master” album, comes this refreshing track ‘FOR MY LIFE’. The exceptional track, crammed with positive messages and smooth delivery was produced by ‘Tha Suspect’ who also featured on the track.
I must confess that this track is a personal favourite, so forgive me if I sound too biased in my review of the video (though I’ll try not to).
The fashion?
Well, Soul snatcher has always struck me as a weird one so I kinda understand his fashion sense and for Sokleva, he kept it cool. Altogether, it was a perfect blend.
The performance?

In our honest opinion, the video is absolutely CRACKING and as simple as it is, it translated the lyrics of the song so well.
For the hard work, consistency and smiles you bring to all our faces, here is an 8.
I simply can’t wait to hear the rest of the album and I intend to listen to it until my roof is blown off.


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