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25 August, 2009


It’s FINALLY over… (did I hear someone heave a huge sigh of relief?). The search for the worthy kokolette (now say that with an IGBO tongue) came to an end on Sunday, 9th August 2009. Surprisingly, Bolanle Okhiria emerged the winner of the reality show that saw different girls ‘do battle’ (more like sit it out) for the title of the perfect kokolette.

Bolanle Okhiria, a 21 year old student of the Lagos State University who hails from Edo State, beat out…*saying it like I mean it* ...the other 3 finalists; Shona Merenu, Chidinma Mbalaso and Rita Igbinedion, to become the last kokolette standing. The reward for her ‘staying power’ include a Chris Aire diamond ring (WHAT!!!), a brand new luxury car, 5 million naira plus and other ‘kokocious’ prizes (whatever THAT means).

Through out the duration of the show, viewers were ‘regaled’ with the (boring) antics of the housemates as they went about their daily routines and occasional tasks, displaying their talent (or the apparent lack of it) at different intervals, in order to woo voters to keep them in the mansion.

Rita Isoken Igbinedion, one of the four finalists and most ‘popular’ kokolette, was at the forefront of the talent display, exhibiting her flair for committing grammatical blunders as she outshone the other housemates, holding the viewers spellbound with her earth-shattering, cataclysmic diction that would have had our darling Jenifa (Funke Akindele) scampering for the trenches. All in all, her ‘charisma and charm’ may have brought about an increase in HITv viewers but doubtfully an increase in subscribers.

The show at certain times was uninteresting and monotonous as most of the viewers were unsure if the kokolettes were actually playing down their characters or they were really ‘blessed’ with such insipid personalities. Frankly, yours truly would have had more fun watching a goldfish swim around in its bowl.

The high and low points of the show had to be the surprising visits by the notable and not so notable personalities, some of whom educated the girls while others seemed clueless as to the purpose of their visit to the house.

A not so memorable example of the latter had to be the unfortunate inclusion of Isi Munirat (a travel agent ALL THE WAY from the Netherlands), whom the producers hoped will spice up the lacklustre atmosphere of the house. But no!!!! Isi (who was supposed to create an endearing atmosphere for the contestants) went in ‘guns blazing’ and only succeeded in shooting herself in the foot.

On the whole, the show was well thought out but POORLY executed, leading up to lots of boring moments.
We STRONGLY suggest that adequate alterations and improvements are made before even THINKING of producing another season of….*drum roll please*…KOKO MANSION.


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